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How To Launch An Online Coaching Business & Start Scaling
Online Coaching

How To Launch An Online Coaching Business & Start Scaling

By Fatbit
2022-10-31 18:35:54 |    0

Why Should You Choose Online Coaching Business

As most of the coaches are drifting towards online models to significantly expand their target market, choosing an online coaching business has become a necessity nowadays. It enables you to seamlessly connect and provide coaching to students worldwide even during the pandemic. 

eCoaching is an excellent business model that enables you to register coaches and provide online coaching classes to thousands of students as opposed to a limited few in case of traditional coaching sessions. Plus, there are no time constraints as students can select coaching sessions as per their availability.

"Going digital surely pay dividends to keep the business afloat & generate revenue by offering coaching sessions to multiple students online."

Business Model 

An online coaching marketplace connects students with potential coaches in a 1-on-1 live session. Amid the pandemic as most schools and educational institutes are shut, the eCoaching platform is the perfect setup to simulate a real-life learning environment. The marketplace offers detailed information like coaching expertise, ratings & reviews, and more to help students find the right coach.

The working model for the eCoaching business is pretty simple and similar to an eLearning platform.

  1. The student will sign-up on the platform.
  2. Create a learner account.
  3. Search from the listed coaching experts and send a session booking request.
  4. Make a payment.
  5. Receive a booking confirmation.

Coaches follow a similar process with sign-up or registration 

  1. Coach profile creation.
  2. Profile is listed post admin approval. 
  3. Receive a session booking request. 
  4. Accept or reject the request as per the availability.

The online coaching session starts at a specified time agreed by both parties (i.e. student and coach).

P.S. The admin receives payment before the coaching session begins but transfers it to the coach’s wallet once the session is successfully completed and after deducting the commission fee.